Press Q&A

Q: What is BirdieBox?

BirdieBox is the ONLY true One-Stop, White Glove, Turnkey, Luxury Gifting Concierge.

This is made possible by:

Direct relationships with Luxury Brands

Superior Packaging

Personalization and Branding

On-site staffing

Digital Company Store/Gift Portals

Full Suite of Warehousing and Logistical Capabilities.

All done, In-House.

Q: Why was BirdieBox created?

BirdieBox was ultimately designed to be the solution to a problem that had previously plagued not only Pat DePirro and Michael Myers, but an entire industry/sector.

As sports/entertainment/music executives, gifting was always known to be one part of helping their respective teams build strong emotional connections with their most important clients. But it was often either non-impactful, negatively impactful, or their employees were having to sacrifice valuable time, energy, frustration and ultimately revenue, for a chance at making it successful.

It was clear that extreme detail was paid to many areas of the "client acquisition and retention" process, but gifting, an enormous opportunity in relationship strengthening... appeared to be an afterthought.

One had to choose between easy/basic/non-impactful gifting programs, and good gifting programs, requiring time, energy and frustration, wasted by your best employees, and still end up with a less than perfect solution.

This was generally accepted as "the way it had to be".  Largely because it was they way it had "always been".


The BirdieBox team felt it was a problem that was possible to solve.

The question was: How can we truly reflect our clients' value to them, make them feel special and build emotional connections through gifting... do so at scale, all while making it easy and manageable on the givers?


Today's BirdieBox is that answer.

Q. What are BirdieBox "Gift Portal"s?

Gift Portals are a rapidly growing portion of the BirdieBox business.

In short, a Gift Portal is a company's 'personalized, luxury On-Demand Amazon'.

A BirdieBox created and operated, custom Company Store, made specifically for the client.

In the event of a short run or event, BirdieBox:

Designs and builds the Website for the client - product mock-ups, descriptions, POS, etc...

Consolidates Product Assortment - All brands under one roof, eliminating "competitor separation" and giving users/guests more choices.

Offers Mobile Flexibility - Cash and carry or drop ship service, allowing customers instant gratification or convenience to ship to their doorstep

Fast Checkout lines - No order forms.  VIP treatment, in and out of the gift suit in 10 minutes.

For a year round/global solution for an organization, BirdieBox:

Again, designs and builds the Website for the client - product mock-ups, descriptions, POS, etc...

Sources Product with client input

Personalizes the product

Inventories the product, ready to be ordered/serviced.

When an employee/agent needs to order from the gift portal, they simply treat It as they would Amazon or any other service.


BirdieBox then;

Picks the product/order from the warehouse

Personalizes (if more personalization is needed)

Inserts note/letter if requested.

Kits and Packs the order(s).

Ships the order(s), per the client request. (to the buyer or to the recipient)

And then, BirdieBox handles all customer service, returns, etc...

If your employees/agents need access to tastefully branded, personalized luxury product, exquisitely packaged, in small or large quantities... a Gift Portal could be the solution for your organization.

Q: What does that mean? "One Stop"

It means that BirdieBox is the only company that allows you to state:

-What you want (product/brand)

-How you want it customized 

-How you want it packaged

-How you want it to be delivered and or executed

...and then does everything for you.

Q: But surely other gift companies can do this?

Unfortunately (or, in our case, fortunately) not.

We have found that while other gift companies may claim to do all of these things, each one has its limitations.

That is not meant to be diminishing... it's simply that prior to BirdieBox, no company wanted to handle everything in-house.  We discovered that it was necessary to do so, in order to deliver the quality, speed and efficiency that we had desired as clients.

Potential Issues

-Limited products/brands 

-Customization is very limited (Maybe they can put a company logo on something... but not initials or anything unique.)

-If they do customization, they likely outsource most, if not all, and they don't mention that. (Increased costs, turnaround time and limited QC).

-Packaging limitations (if packaging is even offered. If so, it's typically generic, or if custom, it is outsourced, expensive and SLOW.)

-Fulfillment limitations:

    -Can't warehouse/store the product for later use.

    -Often can't kit multiple products into one package.  

    -Limitations on shipping/drop-shipping.

    -When program is finished, the customer service is up to you.

Q: Why can BirdieBox do all of that, while others can't?


Because BirdieBox is the first and only company to take these 4 things, in-house:

Product: Direct relationships with Luxury Brands (60+)

Personalization/Customization:  Embossing, Debossing, UV Printing, Laser Engraving, Etching, Embroidery, etc...

Packaging:  Soft touch, magnet closed, fortified luxury packaging.

Fulfillment: Warehousing / Logistics (sourcing, storage, picking, packing, kitting, bulk ship, drop ship, etc...)

Q: You mention luxury brands.  What brands does BirdieBox work with?


There are more than 60 brands that BirdieBox partners with, and hundreds more that make their way into a gifting program.

Here is a quick glance at some of the brands that BirdieBox works with. 

Q: Who are BirdieBox's clients?


Rapidly growing, but as of this writing:


- 75+ Sports Properties (Madison Square Garden, Chicago Cubs, MLB, Charlotte Hornets...)

- 25+ Professional Golf Events (multiple PGA, LPGA, Champions Tour events, Tiger v Phil...)

- 400+ Elite/Private Golf Clubs

- 50+ Corporations - Wealth Management, Fortune 500, Pepsi/Delta/CapitalOne, etc...

- 10+ College Football Bowl Games

Q: Are there minimums? Set up fees?

No and No.

No Minimums. No Setup Fees. Lifetime Warranties.

All of the restrictions that drove us crazy before BirdieBox, we've eliminated. 

Q: Can you speak to BirdieBox's current growth pace?   Future plans?

BirdieBox has grown 600% over the last 3 calendar years.

Rapid growth in the Golf sector in 2017, the expansion into Professional Sports and Corporate Gifting in 2018 and a continuation of each of those verticals in 2019, has resulted in a doubling of revenue in each year of BirdieBox's existence.

As far as future plans, BirdieBox has its sights set firmly on 9-figure revenue projection over the next 5 years.

Q. Where are the BirdieBox Headquarters?

Our flagship office and the BirdieBox Showroom, are in the esteemed Miami Design District.

Our 70,000 sq. ft distribution center, is located just west of downtown Miami, in Medley, Florida.

We are scheduled to open a new showroom in the Dallas area, in nearby Frisco, TX, in 2020.

Q. So, do you focus on events, holidays, what?

We focus on solutions, which is rarely the same, as each organization faces unique challenges.

By focusing on solutions, we know that we can make a difference, not only in a company's gifting, but in their overall business and success.

We are a team of former executives that have created a way to make gifting easier, more manageable, less prohibitive, less frustrating and more successful than what was available to us.

Q. Would it be possible to visit the Showroom or the Warehouse?


We would absolutely love it if you did.